Monday, January 19, 2015

Chevrolet's Forward Collision Alert Gives Customers a Backup Plan

Chevrolet's Forward Collision Alert Gives Customers a Backup Plan
DURAND, Mich. - According to research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, rear-end crashes make up more than one in four collisions reported to police each year! Interestingly enough, a majority of these accidents could be prevented if the drivers took more precautions. Chevrolet decided to take this statistic and come up with a solution that would help improve their customer's awareness and most importantly, their safety. 

Chevrolet's Forward Collision Alert gives customers a backup plan. Available on several 2015 Chevy models, including the Silverado, Tahoe, Malibu, Equinox, and Traverse, is this amazing technology that is able to alert customers in everyday car-following situations. If they are following too closely or if they are potentially seconds away from a crash, the driver is immediately alerted. An available Front Automatic Braking technology, available on select models, takes things one step further and will automatically slow or stop the vehicle under certain conditions, like if a driver does not respond quickly to an alert.

Forward Collision Alert system will vary depending on the Chevy model. The system will use either a radar that is located in the front grille area or a camera mounted behind the windshield in front of the inside rearview mirror. Regardless, once the technology is activated, a green icon will appear when a vehicle is detected ahead and an amber icon will appear when the driver is getting too close. If the driver is approaching a vehicle too quickly, a red "Collision Alert" warning will flash followed by a rapid, high-pitched beeping. If your Chevy is equipped with the Safety Alert Seat, the vehicle will pulse the seat five times on both sides rather than sounding off beeps. 

Chevrolet's Forward Collision Alert gives customers a backup plan, meaning the technology will not completely replace the need for a driver's awareness, but rather to help to enhance it. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimated that forward collision technology could actually prevent up to 879 fatal crashes a year! You can improve your awareness out on the road today with help from Graff Chevy Durand! Stop by the dealership and check out Chevrolet's Forward Collision Alert for yourself on the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe.

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