Friday, November 6, 2015

4 Insane 2016 Camaro Editions Chevrolet Unveiled at SEMA

DURAND, Mich. –– Car enthusiasts around the world were revved up for the entire first week of November as automakers rolled out some of the most creative editions of their vehicles imaginable at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, but there's no doubt these four insane 2016 Camaro editions Chevrolet unveiled at SEMA stole the show.

Camaro Hyper

As the name suggests, this Camaro is, indeed, hyper. Whether the name is more an allusion to the Hyper Blue paint Chevy used for the body color or to this sixth-generation muscle car's agility is something we'll let you decide

Camaro Black

Like the burnout marks it's ready to leave on the first stretch of highway it sees, this dangerous looking Camaro SS coupe is as black as black gets––with exception to its red LED headlamps.

Camaro Performance

As Camaro Blacks more innocent twin, Camaro Performance gives you glimpse at Chevy's softer side. But don't underestimate this SS coupe's innocent look; it's still ready for someone to open the throttle.

Camaro Krypton

No, not kryptonite, but possibly just as cool. As Chevy puts it, "Krypton is one of the six noble gases and is used to help illuminate fluorescent lights." Other than looking like the vehicle version of a superhero, this Camaro's special power can be found in the electroluminescent bow-tie graphics that glow on the sides of the body.

It would be difficult to get your hands on the steering wheel of any of these four insane 2016 Camaro editions Chevrolet unveiled at SEMA, and it's almost painful to face that fact. But at least we have the privilege of offering a great selection of 2015 Chevy Camaros and other new Chevy cars at our Fenton area Chevrolet dealer.

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