Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chevrolet Silverado’s Steel Bed Outperforms Ford F-150

Chevrolet Silverado’s Steel Bed Outperforms Ford F-150
DURAND, Mich., – Are you team Chevy or team Ford? We hope if you’re reading this you’re team Chevy, because in the latest side-by-side comparisons of the Silverado and the F-150, the Chevrolet Silverado’s steel bed outperforms Ford F-150 and its aluminum bed.

Chevrolet conducted three field demonstrations shown in their newly released video footage. A scientific test was performed using a wedge shaped striker demonstrating the trucks ability to hold up in the case of high impact damage, and a real-world example test was conducted of a heavy tool box being pushed into the truck beds. But the most dramatic test performed was the dropping of 55 landscaping blocks weighing 825 pounds from 5 feet above the truck beds. In all three tests, Chevrolet’s steel bed outperformed the aluminum bed in the F-150.

In the conversation surrounding the #SilveradoStrong campaign on social media, many Ford fans have pointed out that in real world situations a bed-liner would be in place. We don’t think that changes things though, considering that the tests clearly identify which material is stronger.

Although aluminum is a much lighter substance than steel, it’s important to note that if the steel on the Silverado bed were to be damaged, it’s generally much easier to repair than it’s aluminum competitor.

So what do you think? We think the videos clearly show that the Chevrolet Silverado’s steel bed outperforms Ford F-150 and its aluminum bed. Do you think the tests were harsher than any real world situation that would be presented to a pickup truck and its owner? We think the extremity of the demonstrations shows Chevy’s durability and strength, and we think you should be able to use your truck as a truck.

Chevrolet Silverado’s Steel Bed Outperforms Ford F-150

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