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August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month

DURAND, Mich., – Did you know that August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month? Your brakes are imperative to your safety while operating your vehicle. At Graff Chevrolet Durand we want to make sure you’re always safe on the road, so we’ve put together this list of common signs your brakes need to be serviced. Keep in mind, there are plenty of other less obvious signs of brake failure, and lots of other things that could go wrong, so it’s important to have your brakes checked at least once a year at the Graff Chevrolet Durand Service Center. Schedule your appointment online! These indicators are signs you need to have your brakes checked:

1. Dashboard Brake Light Illuminates

This is the most obvious sign that your brakes are having an issue. If your brake light is on, first check that your emergency brake isn’t engaged. If that’s not the case then you should schedule a service appointment to have your brakes checked as soon as possible.

August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month

2. Grinding Noise

Listening to your car is the best way to tell if it’s having problem. If you hear a grinding, metal on metal noise when you engage your brakes, this is from the metal disc rubbing against a caliper, and it’s probably causing damage to your rotors. This repair is rather costly and can be avoided by having your brakes inspected regularly.

3. High Pitched Screech Noise

Another sound that can indicate your brakes are in need of service, is a loud, high pitched squeaking noise when you press on your brakes. This noise comes from the wear indicator on your brake pads that is there to warn you that your brake pads are getting worn. If you leave this problem unchecked it could turn into the grinding noise mentioned in number two. Replacing your brake pads is much cheaper than having your rotors repaired.

August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month

4. Pulling

If you notice your steering wheel pulls to the left or the right when you step on the brakes, you’ll want to have your brakes serviced right away. This is a sign of multiple brake issues, you’ll need a technician at Graff Durand to diagnose the problem.

5. Brake Pedal Vibrations

If you feel your brake pedal vibrate when you press on the brakes, this is a sign of warped rotors. Be sure to schedule a service appointment at Graff Chevrolet Durand Service Center if you notice this problem.

August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month

Remember, this list includes only a few of the most common signs of brake problems. August is National Brake Safety Awareness Month and we want to be sure all of our customers are staying safe in their vehicles. Be sure to have your brakes checked at least once a year to avoid any costly or dangerous brake issues. If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, be sure to make an appointment at the Graff Chevrolet Durand Service Center!

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