Monday, February 2, 2015

Chevrolet's "Blackout" Super Bowl Commercial

Chevrolet's "Blackout" Super Bowl Commercial
DURAND, Mich. - It was quite the game yesterday as the Patriots fought to take home the Super Bowl XLIX title. While a large part of America tuned in to watch the showdown, a good portion of viewers tuned in for one reason and one reason only - the commercials. If you were watching the Super Bowl pre-game footage, you and another 100 million viewers may have thought your televisions were having some technical difficulties just moments before kickoff.

Chevrolet's "Blackout" Super Bowl commercial  grabbed viewer's attention immediately, and probably caused a few heart beats to skip, with its static and blank screen opening. Chevrolet quickly gave viewers relief and explained that having 4G LTE Wi-Fi in a Chevy Colorado could provide an uninterrupted live streaming of the game. Following Chevy's stomach-dropping advertisement, the commercial closed with the iconic "Back in Black" tune; the anthem for the 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year since its launch.

If you were too busy whipping up one of our Super Bowl Sunday Snack Ideas and missed Chevrolet's "Blackout" Super Bowl commercial, you can check it out here –––

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