Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chevy Cruze Sales Pass 3.5 Million

Chevy Cruze Sales Pass 3.5 Million

DURAND, Mich.– Regarding customer trust and loyalty, the numbers do all the talking for Chevrolet. As Chevy Cruze sales pass 3.5 million, the rest of the automotive industry is left gazing in amazement across the aisle.

As Chevy’s top-selling vehicle, the Cruze recently achieved this new benchmark in sales across 115 countries. Its top markets include China, the United States, Brazil and Canada, but the Cruze did exceptionally well in its home country.

When Chevy Cruze sales pass 3.5 million, you can bet there has been an increase in sales. In 2014, Cruze sales in the United Sates shot up 10 percent from the previous year to 273,060, placing the Cruze at second-best in sales to customers under 25 in the United States. Cruze sales also showed a 35 percent increase in new Chevy customers and a 56 percent Chevy customer retention rate, while 23 percent of customers traded in their current Cruze for a new one.

These impressive numbers make way for the upcoming 2016 Chevy Cruze that will debut on June 24. The bar is set high for the next generation Cruze, but Chevy seems to be confident in their spectrum of new model features. To give you a glimpse, the 2016 Cruze is larger and lighter than the current model, and happens to be armed with 25 new technologies, two of which include the touted Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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