Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Chevy is Prepared to Help Cruisers at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

Chevy is Prepared to Help Cruisers at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise
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DURAND, Mich. – Although we’re getting revved up for Back to the Bricks, happening this week in downtown Flint, Mich., we know many of you may be heading down to the Detroit area for the world-famous annual Woodward Dream Cruise presented by Chevrolet for the fifth year on Saturday, Aug. 15.

As the official presenting sponsor, Chevy is prepared to help cruisers at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise with its Chevrolet Certified Service Rescue Squad. The fleet of six 2015 Silverado pickup trucks will be on hand to assist any cruisers whose classic vehicle stalls, overheats, runs out of gas along Woodward Ave. on the day of the cruise.

Although Chevy is prepared to help cruisers at the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise, the automaker would prefer to see cruisers enjoy the day rather than get bogged down by nightmarish car trouble – after all, this is the Dream Cruise. Here are some tips Chevy recommends cruisers heed before they hit the strip:

  • Battery – Ensure that your battery is charged, the terminals are clean, and the alternator belt and distributor cap are free of any unusual wear or aging.
  • Fluids – Measure your cruiser’s fluid levels and make sure they’re at the proper levels. Bring extra fluids for top-offs to ensure that your cruiser is capable of operating for several hours.
  • Gas ­– Don’t start cruising without a full tank, and beware of inaccurate gas gauges that can be common in classic cars due to their old age.
  • Tires – Make sure your tire pressure is good and isn’t leaking. Check for any abnormalities such as cracks.
  • Wiper Blades – Hopefully the sky stays blue, but in the case of rain you’ll want a pair of well-functioning wiper blades.

In the event that your cruiser does run into an inconvenient issue, you can rest assured that your vehicles will be in good hands when the Rescue Squad comes around. The Rescue Squad is made up of ASE certified technicians from local Chevy dealerships, and you know how great Chevy dealership service is – just look at Hank Graff Chevrolet Durand!

Before you head off to the Woodward Dream Cruise, feel free to stop in at our Clio area used car dealer where you can get all of your pre-cruise auto service taken care of, including oil change, tires, brakes, and other miscellaneous car repair!

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