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5 Fall Car Care Tips for Michigan Drivers

5 Fall Car Care Tips for Michigan Drivers

DURAND, Mich. – Ah, Michigan: the state that receives all of nature’s deepest compassion and intensity throughout the highs and lows of all four seasons. Despite our love for spring and summer, and our complicated feelings towards winter (it’s a love-hate thing for all Michiganders), our favorite season at Hank Graff Chevrolet Durand has to be fall. In Mid-Michigan, you get all of the colors, smells, and activities that make autumn the highlight of the year (second behind Christmas). But this crisp, leafy season also constitutes a time of the year when you need to get your vehicle in for a routine maintenance checkup. Check out these 5 fall car care tips for Michigan drivers to ensure you make it through the next three seasons without any major vehicle complications.

Inspect your car battery periodically.
Batteries typically last for three years before corrosion gets the best of them, but on occasion batteries can tank before they reach their life expectancy. With fall, Michigan temperatures can quickly plummet and if your battery isn’t prepared for the cold then you might as well call your boss and tell them you’re not making it to work that day. Come into our Certified Service Center for a battery test and go enjoy a scenic fall drive.

Bring your car in for a cooling system inspection.
There’s nothing more annoying (or more Michigan) than being late for work and realizing your windshield and windows are covered in a glittery layer of frost. You start your car and wait for the defrosters to do the legwork, but nothing happens. You soon realize your heat is defunct and you’re also another ten minutes late to work. Before things cool down this fall, bring your car to our ASE Certified technicians for a cooling system inspection.

Replace your tires or have them rotated.
After a harsh winter, an erratic spring, and a hot summer in Michigan, it’s safe to say your tires take a beating by the time fall arrives. You should have your tires rotated periodically, as well as check their tread to see if they need to be replaced. Our technicians can thoroughly inspect your tires and tell you how much life they have left in them. Plus, if you purchase a new set of tires at Hank Graff Chevrolet Durand you could get back up to $50 or $100 with our tire special.

Have your brakes inspected.
You should have your brakes inspected every 10,000 miles, which is generally the distance your vehicle travels over the course of three or four seasons, making fall the perfect season to check them. If you hear grinding or squeaking noises, or notice any other abnormalities that seem to be due to your brakes, schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle to our service experts.

Make sure your fluids are at the right levels.
Fluids are one of the easiest things to neglect in a vehicle, but they’re vital in determining your vehicle’s lifespan and proper functioning. You should have your oil changed every 3,000–5,000 miles, but you also want to make sure your coolant, transmission, and brake fluids are at the right levels and that there aren’t any line leaks. Our Quick Oil and Tire Center technicians can inspect all of your fluids and make sure their levels are where they should be.

Follow these 5 fall car care tips for Michigan drivers and stop by our dealership near Flushing where our auto service and car repair technicians are dedicated to helping you extend the life of your vehicle purchase. Fall is also a time where driving can get a little dangerous due to high amounts of deer activity. If you find yourself with a damaged vehicle after a car-deer collision, enter our Busted Bumper Buck Pole contest to have your vehicle fixed and potentially win $1,000 if it's the most damaged from a deer collision.

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