Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Safe Driving Tips for Michigan Deer Season

Driving Safety Tips During Michigan's Deer Season

DURAND, Mich. –– By October, bucks will come into rut, as well as camouflage and pickups with antler decals, and deer mating season will be in full swing through December. It won’t be abnormal to see deer frequently traipsing through your backyard, often a whimsical sight for Michiganders. But leave your suburban enclave and those sightings can quickly become less quaint, as an increased probability of car-deer collisions also correlates with this time of year.

Reduce your likelihood of going bumper-to-antlers with a deer by following these safe driving tips for Michigan deer season:

  • Stay attentive of deer activity while driving at night or in the early morning. With a high number of light-detecting cells in their eyes, deer see extremely well at night. Nocturnal vision enables them to stay active in darker hours and creates a peak time for one to jump in front of your vehicle.
  • Use your vehicle's high beams when you’re driving on dark, unlit roads or going around bends at night. It’s critical you spot a deer far enough ahead of time in order to substantially reduce your speed and avoid a collision. A broader and farther reaching scope of light will provide you the extra second or two you need to slow down or stop.
  • If you see a deer crossing the road ahead of your vehicle and it reaches the other side, don’t assume you’re in the clear and continue driving at your current speed. Deer commonly travel in groups, which means more could be preparing to cross. Slow down and watch for more deer, and don’t increase your speed until you’ve passed the crossing area.
  • If a deer jumps in front of your car, brake firmly, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and continue forward without swerving. Hitting a deer is safer than veering into oncoming traffic, striking a tree, or rolling in a ditch –– all common consequences of swerving to miss a deer.
  • It’s a myth that you should maintain or increase your speed if a deer jumps in front of your vehicle. True, braking causes your front bumper to dip, but at least you’ll hit the deer at a lower speed. A higher rate of speed won’t diminish the severity of the collision, but instead will cause the deer to absorb and deliver a greater force of impact.
  • As a caveat, braking could be dangerous if another driver is tailgating you. In that instance, slamming on the brakes could put you in an even more precarious situation. Stay aware of your surroundings in order to summon good judgement for the context of the circumstance.
  • Fate plays by its own rules, and this fall season you might end up as the unlucky driver a deer ambles into the path of. If so, you should pull over, calm down, and notify local authorities of the collision. Wait for an officer to come to the scene unless you’re told otherwise. Don’t approach the deer to see if it’s alive or to move it off the road. The animal could still be alive and mobile, and your presence could startle it, placing you and other drivers in further danger.

At our New Lothrup area used car dealer, our team of auto service technicians and sales professionals are big fans of the outdoors that we’re privileged to experience in Mid-Michigan. Follow our safe driving tips for Michigan deer season to truly enjoy autumn and all of its transitions with us – and without the roadkill.

However, if you do find yourself with a crumpled front end after an accident with a 10-point buck, we can help you make your vehicle look as good as new. Enter our Busted Bumper Buck Pole contest and get the car-deer collision repair you need, plus be entered to win $1,000 if your vehicle is voted the most damaged.

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