Thursday, October 1, 2015

General Motors Is Developing Car Connectivity and Driverless Technology

General Motors Is Developing Car Connectivity and Driverless Technology

DURAND, Mich. –– News of automakers paving forays into vehicle technology that will make you feel like you’re entering a future similar to that of "The Jetsons" has left many drivers wondering when companies like General Motors might make their mark with unique technology.

Recent news informs us that General Motors is developing car connectivity and driverless technology it expects will raise its revenue by $350 million by 2018. It seems the automaker has been careful not to jump in headfirst, taking into consideration the desires of its customers before choosing a direction.

For instance, drivers aren’t interested in performance or sports vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette becoming autonomous, and Chevy has heard them out. It claims cars like these will be the last to be adjusted with futuristic technologies that impede the unique driving experience.

After mastering 4G LTE data connection in its vehicles, GM is developing car connectivity and driverless technology through apps that will make it more knowledgeable about its drivers.  Connectivity apps will help the automaker develop vehicles based around how drivers react to features like automatic braking and hands-free highway driving.

Other convenient services by way of smartphone apps include the ability for drivers to transfer personal preferences from one GM vehicle to another, regardless of nameplate or brand, to tell each vehicle how to function according to their driving style.

In addition to new technology, GM wants to expand its footprint in car sharing. After Chevy recently disclosed it would team up with AutoShare to offer car sharing to university students in Toronto, GM wants to expand that service to other transportation hubs as many of its drivers take interest in more economic and eco-friendly options.

At our Flushing area Chevy dealership, we're looking forward to the outcomes of GM's progress in vehicle technology. Considering its meticulous craftsmanship and careful consideration of direction, we're certain Chevy and other GM brands will lead the future of automotive.

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