Friday, July 8, 2016

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

DURAND, Mich., – Summer in Michigan is the perfect time to go camping! If your family is planning any camping trips this summer, be sure to read our 10 awesome camping hacks to make your life a little easier in the wilderness. We think these tips and tricks make camping much more convenient!

1. Store Matches in a Mason Jar

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Before you leave home, transfer your matches from their cardboard box into a mason jar. This will ensure they stay dry in the case of rain! Be sure to buy strike anywhere matches and glue a piece of sandpaper to the lid before you leave!

2. Gallon Jug Lamp

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Bring a gallon jug and a headlamp to make an easy lantern for your tent or picnic area. By filling the jug with water and facing the headlamp inward, you can create a ton of ambient light.

3. Pre-whisk Eggs

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Mealtime can be crazy when you’re cooking over a fire! Save some trouble by whisking your eggs at home and storing them in a plastic container. This also saves you from having crushed eggs in your cooler.

4. Toothpaste Dots

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Rather than bringing a whole tube of toothpaste, you can create lighter, more portable, toothpaste dots. Be sure to allow enough time to dry before you head out on your trip.

5. DIY Fire Starters

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Don’t struggle to get the fire started! Fill empty toilet paper tubes with lint from the dryer and light with a match to get your fire going.

6. Prepare Salad in To-Go cups

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

For an easy campsite lunch, prepare chopped salad at home before you leave. Store the salad in plastic to-go cups to keep them fresh and dry in the cooler!

7. Store Snacks in Plastic Containers

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Rather than bringing bags or boxes of snack foods, transfer your snacks into plastic containers before leaving. This way your snacks will stay dry and fresh, and they wont get crunched!

8. Store Plastic Cutlery and Napkins

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

To keep your picnic area more organized, you can keep your plastic silverware and paper napkins in a recycled drink holder!

9. Collapsible Trash Can

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Use a collapsible mesh laundry basket lined with a trash bag to keep your trash accessible and contained!

10. 2-Liter Toilet Paper Holder

10 Awesome Camping Hacks

Keep your toilet paper dry by storing it inside a repurposed 2-liter. Just cut off the bottom and excess plastic, pop in the TP, and pop the bottom back on!

We think these 10 awesome camping hacks will make your camping adventures much more convenient and enjoyable! Do you have any favorite camping tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know what we missed!

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