Thursday, February 16, 2017

8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

DURAND, Mich.–– It's flu and cold season here in Michigan, and this year more than even it seems like everyone is getting sick this winter. The frigid weather and limited sunlight also take their toll on our bodies, making us even more susceptible to the nasty germs flying around at work, school, and home. Thankfully, we've got eight ways to help you stay healthy this winter. Read on and remember to cover your mouth when you cough!

8 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Get Your Flu Shot!

It's never too late to get the flu shot! This vaccination will help reduce the chance of you getting the flu dramatically, and will even reduce the severity of the symptoms in the unfortunate event that you do get sick. It is especially important to get your children the flu shot as their young bodies need all the help they can get to fight off sickness.

Wash Your Hands!

Cleanliness is key when trying to stay healthy this winter. Wash your hands before eating any food, or after being in public places, or interacting with others. Also, try to make a conscious effort not to touch your hands to your face as much either. We recommend keeping a travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer with you to use when soap and water aren't available.

Eat Healthier!

Nutrients from the food you eat will help keep your body healthy through the winter. Foods like sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables, bananas, and garlic are ideal because they are packed with vitamins and nutrients. You may also want to consider supplementing your meals with a daily multivitamin to make sure your body is getting everything it needs.

Get Some Sun!

Most people naturally have reduced levels of Vitamin D during the winter, due to the usually overcast weather and daylight savings. However, Vitamin D is super important for not only your immune system but your psychological health as well. Vitamin D can help regulate your mood and keep you from experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, a common type of depression. Just getting 15 minutes of noontime sun is enough to help!

Stay hydrated!

It is absolutely crucial to drink lots of water during the winter months. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your immune system and bodily functions perform better. It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day, that's just under six 12-ounce glasses. Remember, a warm mug of herbal tea counts a glass of water too!

Stay active!

Exercising, staying active, and even just getting up to take a walk around your home or office is beneficial to your body and your wellbeing. Even minimal exercise will keep your body stronger and better equipped to fight off germs and disease.

Get Some Sleep!

Get 8 hours to stay well rested and allow your body to protect itself. A lack of sleep wears down your body and its immune systems making them more susceptible to disease.

Keep Things Clean!

It's just as important to keep your living spaces clean as you do your hands. Germs can live on surfaces for 24 hours! So it's very important to wipe down counters, door handles, children's toys, even your desk at work, with regularity this winter to rid your living space of infectious germs and diseases.

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