Wednesday, January 3, 2018

8 Ways to Defeat the Post-Holiday Blues

DURAND, Mich.,–– The holidays can be one of the most wonderful and most stressful times of the year. As much as they may drive us crazy, it can be a depressing time when they finally come to an end. Since the focus is shifted on other priorities during the holiday season, it's hard to get back in the swing of your normal routine once the new year begins. You may have a mountain of clothes that need to be washed, several bills to pay, or even a lot of reorganizing that needs to be done. This wall of misery hits us hard as soon as we realize there's nothing else to look forward to. So, how do you beat the gloom? Here are 8 ways to defeat the post-holiday blues:

8 Ways to Defeat the Post-Holiday Blues

  1. Unpack, put away, and reorganize your clothes: Go away for the holidays? Unpack your suitcase and travel luggage immediately to avoid the added stress. If you received new clothes for Christmas, reorganize your closet and put them away.
  2. Take it easy for a while: Don't volunteer to take on any extra work. It's okay to slowly work your way back into your regular routine. 
  3. Regain control of your bank account: Assess the damage of holiday shopping and establish a new savings plan. This will help alleviate stress and boost your mental health.
  4. Focus on yourself: When's the last time you took a hot bath or sat down to enjoy your favorite activity? It's good for your health when you take the time to relax and unwind.
  5. Start a new workout routine: If you indulged in sweet treats and expansive dinners during the holidays, it's always good to work on your fitness for the start of the new year. Burning off those extra calories will not only keep you energized, but you'll feel happier as well.
  6. Make your favorite meal from the holidays: Was there a dish that you just couldn't get enough of during your holiday break? Recreate it in your own kitchen and liven up your taste buds with the flavors you've been craving.
  7. Frame your favorite holiday memories: Once you're settled back in at home, take time to look through all the pictures that you took. Relive the moments spent with friends and family over the holidays. Pick out a couple of your favorite pics and frame them for your home so that you can cherish the memories forever.
  8. Plan your next big event or vacation: Visit a place you haven't been to yet or try something you've been wanting to do. Having something to look forward to is a great way to boost your mood as you begin to prepare for it.

It's hard to pick back up where you left off before the holidays began. Where to start? What to do? As reality begins to sink in after the festive season, it's best to get back on track with your daily routine. Before the despair settles in, start one of our 8 ways to defeat the post-holiday blues. You'll feel a sense of relief and happiness that'll cheer you up and help you block out any negative emotions. Kickoff the new year with a fresh start! Another great way to de-stress and check something off your 'to-do' list is to get your vehicle scheduled for routine maintenance. It's always a good idea to give your car a little TLC to start the new year. Our winter car care tips are also a good source for advice on how to take care of your vehicle during the winter season!

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