Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Core Strength Elements on the Chevy Silverado

5 Core Strength Elements of the Chevy Silverado

DURAND, Mich - In order to be one of the most reliable, long-lasting full-size pickups on the road, everything on the truck from the foundation to the engine must be built with the most durable of materials. There are 5 Core Strength Elements on the Chevy Silverado that Chevy engineers have worked vigorously to develop that will continue to help take the full-size pickup to the next level of capability and efficiency.

1. Full Boxed Frame - The Chevy Silverado's full boxed frame -which includes main rails and major cross members composed of high-strength steel- creates a firm base for maximum hauling capability, exceptional crashworthiness AND the life span that customers demand. Developed by General Motors many years ago, this full boxed frame uses highly pressurized fluid to shape the frame rails, making a tougher and lighter frame than of those made from welded multi-piece components.

2. High-Strength-Steel-Reinforced Body Structure - High-strength steel not only earned the Silverado a 5-Star overall rating in government crash tests, but it is also the perfect compliment to the truck's fully boxed frame. High and ultra-high-strength steel makes up roughly 67 percent of the cab, enhancing the frame's overall strength and safety performance. Since this steel can be up to 30 percent lighter with the same amount of strength as carbon steel, customers will benefit from a lower overall vehicle cost.

3. Tough Cargo Box and Tailgate - The floor of the industry's most innovative cargo box is made up of a roll-formed steel that is stronger AND lighter than the normal stamped steel. This helps to control the Silverado's overall mass and in turn will improve efficiency and durability. Additional elements like a spray-on stone protection help to improve paint protection and corrosion resistance. As for the strength of the EZ Life-and-Lower tailgate on the Chevy Silverado, tests prove that it can easily withstand the drop of a 400-pound load on a concentrated area.

5 Core Strength Elements of the Chevy Silverado4. Advanced Small-Block Engine - Silverado's 5.3L EcoTec V-8 offers the best fuel economy estimates of any truck, getting you up to 23 mpg on the highway! Each of the three fifth-generation small-block engines offered on the Silverado 1500 lineup - 4.3L V-6, 5.3L V-8 and 6.2L V-8 - feature direct injection, Active Fuel Management AND variable valve timing for power, torque and efficiency through any type of driving condition. Chevy's small-block is a less complex and more compact design that provides exceptionally low-rpm torque -exactly what customers need when pulling a loaded cargo box or trailer.

5. Long-Lasting Duralife Brake Rotors - Each Silverado 1500 model has a standard four-wheel disc brake system with Duralife brake rotors. This improves braking performance and DOUBLES the service life. The 13-inch, vented front brake rotors are partnered with 13.6-inch rear rotors that provide the most stable braking performance even with a packed cargo box or when towing a trailer. 

Year after year, these 5 core strength elements on the Chevy Silverado continue to help customers get the job done. If you're interested in learning more about what the Silverado has to offer, visit us at Graff Chevy Durand!

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