Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Safe Driving Tips for Deer Season

DURAND, Mich - If you've seen the photos from our Busted Bumper Buck Pole Contest, you'll notice that the deer-collisions in the Durand area are beginning to steadily increase. It is that time of the season when deer come out the play, raising the potential for dangerous crashes out on the road. To avoid an unpleasant encounter with a doe-eyed friend, we are here to provide you with some safe driving tips for deer season.

Being that the fall months are the peak of breeding and hunting season, it is an especially dangerous time for drivers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, deadly crashes are more likely to occur in rural areas and on roads that have a speed limit of 55 MPH or higher. However regardless of the road you are driving on, it is important to be extra cautious during this time of the year.

Safe Driving Tips for Deer Season -

  • Deer are most active around sunset and sunrise, so it is in your best interest to be exceptionally alert if you are driving during these times.
  • Deer tend to travel in groups so it is safe to assume that if you see one, another one is probably nearby.
  • If you are driving at night when there is no opposing traffic, use your high beams. This will help you to scan for deer's illuminated eyes or dark silhouettes on the side of the road. If you do see one, no matter how far, start to slow down drastically. 
  • This one is VERY IMPORTANT.....DO NOT SWERVE to avoid hitting a deer. Swerving can lead to hitting another vehicle, tree or other object and is more likely to cause an even more dangerous accident. As you are about to hit the deer brake firmly, stay in your own lane, hold onto the steering wheel and bring your vehicle to a complete and controlled stop.
  • If you do hit a deer, be sure to turn on your emergency flashers and pull to the side of the road so that you are visible to other drivers. Stay inside of your vehicle. Never approach the deer because their hooves are extremely sharp, powerful and dangerous. 
  • Finally, utilize the OnStar button inside of your Chevrolet vehicle. OnStar is there to assist you through ANY type of situation.

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