Monday, October 27, 2014

Five Water Intrusion Tests Endured by the 2015 Chevy Colorado

Five Water Intrusion Tests Endured by the 2015 Chevy Colorado
DURAND, Mich - Visually and mechanically dynamic, truck enthusiasts can't help but bask in the overall beauty of the 2015 Chevy Colorado. Sometimes we get so distracted by our Chevy vehicle's advanced technological features or its glossy finish that we forget about what each vehicle must experience before it is able to make its way to the dealership. A great example? The Chevy Colorado. There were five water intrusion tests that had to be endured by the 2015 Chevy Colorado prior to  it rolling off of the delivery truck and onto our lot!

1. The Dunk Tank - This particular test was inspired by the severe flooding that occurred in Thailand during the 2011 monsoon season. The 2015 Chevy Colorado is driven into a tank which is then flooded by water up to the truck's rocker panel. From there, GM engineers are able to examine the effect on the underbody and chassis components that contain electrical wires and venting systems. 

2. The Universal Water Test - General Motor's universal water test is made up of 330 nozzles that spray 3,123 liters of water per minute for eight minutes straight. This puts the robustness of the vehicle's door and window seals to the test to determine long-term reliability. The test also helps to ensure that no water leaks into the cabin during wet weather conditions and the water does not interfere with powertrain venting systems or other underbody components. 

3. Mist Test - The universal water test has a function that simulates misty conditions, which can result in water creeping into areas of a vehicle that large drops of water do not. This could cause a leak by having water wick through weatherstrips with low compression.

4. Deep Fording Trough Test - A 15-meter deep outdoor fording trough simulates slow treks through water when water intrusion can impact the transmission fluids and powertrain components such as the rear exhaust.

5. High-Pressure Sprayers - Engineers at General Motors use high-pressure sprayers to test the strength of components such as charge ports, powertrain vents, fuel vent systems, and vehicle air induction systems behind grille openings. 

The five water intrusion tests endured by the 2015 Chevy Colorado were completed so that customers will never have to worry about the performance of their truck. No matter where your destination may be, General Motors wants to ensure that your truck can get you there no matter what weather conditions are outside your door. Flooded roads, river crossings, or even the most terrible of storms don't stand a chance against the Chevy Colorado. 

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