Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

DURAND, Mich. –– Winter can come quickly and sometimes unexpectedly each year in Michigan. Even with the unexpectedness, we know cold weather is coming and the problems it can cause to our cars. This year, know how to prepare your car for winter weather using these tips, and avoid the headache of car troubles in the snow.

1. Check your tire tread or consider getting winter tires

Driving in inclement weather can be scary, and especially dangerous with slick tires. You can check your tread yourself by using the penny method. Make sure you have enough tread or consider getting winter tires, which have unique tread patterns and rubber compounds made specifically for snow and ice.

2. Have your battery and brakes tested professionally

Cold weather is hard on batteries so make sure it’s in good condition for the season. Brakes are a large safety component that could save your life when the roads are in bad condition and should also be in good condition.

3. Check wiper blades and wiper fluid

Wiper blades need to be replaced about every six months. Winter is a season where seeing clearly is extra important. Also make sure you’re using fluid made to spray in freezing conditions.

4. Make sure your heater, defroster, and all lights are working properly

Test all these things to make sure they are working the way they should. This includes testing your turn signals and hazard lights.

5. Get a car wash with a wax finish

Road salt, sand, and snow build up on your vehicle can damage not only the undercarriage but paint too. Get car washes regularly to keep it clean. A wax finish can also help prevent damage.

6. Create a winter safety kit for your car

You should keep more than just a brush and ice scraper on hand. Things you could include in your winter kit are: a first aid kit, extra gloves, a flashlight, road salt or cat litter, a blanket, warm clothing items, matches or a lighter, a cell phone adapter, and snacks.

If you need to have your battery, brakes, tires, antifreeze, etc. checked, come see the service experts at our used car dealership. We’d be happy to help you prepare your car for winter weather or find you a used car or used truck that’ll get you around safely this winter. Safety is important to us, so please remember to drive slowly in ice and snow.

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