Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Safe Holiday Driving and Parking Tips

Safe Holiday Driving and Parking Tips

DURAND, Mich. –– It's a crazy time of the year when the parking lots and roads are flooded with Christmas shoppers and holiday travelers. Stress and anxiety can, unfortunately, take over during the holidays, which leads to distraction, anger, and ultimately, accidents. While it's not always easy to stay calm, you can practice being alert with these safe holiday driving and parking tips.

Defensive Driving

  • Protection of you and your passengers should start happening before you even get in the vehicle. Weather, road, and traffic conditions can be accessed from your smart phone and will prepare you for what's ahead. If there's inclement weather or if you're taking a long trip, have the proper supplies already in your car. Plan a "B" route if necessary. 
  • Be alert with your eyes by scanning mirrors and the road ahead regularly (every three to five seconds is recommended) so you're aware of what's happening and can prepare. 
  • Always give the correct right of way to other vehicles, but be prepared for unexpected changes. 
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other drivers. This also means giving yourself an ample amount of time to slow down. 
  • Use your turn signals properly and give enough time for other drivers to notice so they can prepare. 

Proper Parking

  • AAA recommends pulling through or backing into a parking spot so that the front end of your vehicle faces traffic. This makes it easier to see what's coming and allows for a quicker, smoother exit. 
  • Always double- and triple-check your mirrors and blind spots for pedestrians, carts, and other motorists. 
  • Take it slow when exiting and entering so you can easily stop for unexpected occasions. Racing around in a parking rage won't do any good. If you're capable of doing so, parking further away and walking a little further may make your process easier. 
Holiday travel will reach a 14-year peak this year, as AAA projects nearly 3.2 million people from Michigan plan to travel this season. Lower gas prices will continue to be lower through the holidays which may make for heavier traffic. Hopefully these safe holiday driving and parking tips are easy to follow, even with the holiday stress. Even if you're just running to the grocery store, be alert and responsive to other drivers and pedestrians. 

You can make sure your car is ready for the road and winter weather with these tips. Should you need any auto service, like an oil change, before holiday travel, stop by our dealership and we'll make sure you're good to go. We care about your safety, so please take it slow, stay off your phone, and never drink and drive! 

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