Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tips for Preventing the Cold and Flu

DURAND, Mich.––We are in the deep end of cold and flu season. Going back to school or work after the holidays, we introduce each other to new germs we picked up along the way. The stress of the holidays is gone, but the stress of being sick on top of work and school continues. We know it's a pain to deal with a cold or the flu but there are some prevention tactics you can easily be practicing now. We've come up with a list of tips for preventing the cold and flu to help you make it through the season.

1. Eat Right

Eating healthy can be your best friend when it comes to preventing a cold if you're an otherwise healthy person without a compromised immune system. As you may remember, fruits, veggies, legumes, dairy, grains, and meat contain all the vitamins you need to keep your body functioning at its best. But we're not talking about the processed junk, so try to go as natural as you can! The less processed, the more vitamins you can use as combat against the cold and flu. Also, drinking enough water will keep your body hydrated and therefore running optimally.

2. Get Some Exercise

Yes, even in the dead cold of winter. There are plenty of at-home workout videos for any fitness level you can find just by typing those words into YouTube. Simply walking is also a great option. Bundling up and taking a walk outside allows your body the fresh air it needs, and if you're lucky a little sunshine will help to brighten your mood and put you to sleep quicker at night. Or if you're the type that needs a little motivation, take your tablet or phone to the gym or to your treadmill and watch tv while you workout. Even walking around the office for 2 minutes every hour diminishes your sitting time and will help your body stay strong with the germs come knocking at your door.

3. Sleep Well

Ah, the mysterious thing we can't seem to get enough of with our strenuous, busy lives. As you've probably heard a time or two, it's one of the best things you can do for your body. For adults typically 7-8 hours is good. If you're stressed or feeling ill to begin with shoot for 9 hours. But don't oversleep as it has been linked to lesser health and can mess with your circadian rhythm making it harder to stay awake when you need to. Life can get in the way, but with all the benefits of sleeping, like improved memory, sharper focus, improved mood, and most importantly stronger immunity, a full night of sleep should be a top priority.

4. Keep Good Hygiene Habits

This is an obvious one but worth talking about. Think about how many things you touch per day and how many other people also touch those things and finally how many people those people are coming into contact with. When you think about it this way, it's easy to see how you could catch a cold or the flu. Washing your hands regularly is a good start, but adopting other hygiene habits could help you stay away from a cold. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as these places are essentially gateways to the inside of your body and make it easy for any germs hanging out on your hands to make their way in. If you're in a crowd, or walking around other people who are coughing and sneezing, try to hold your breath until you make it to the 6-10 feet away range to avoid their direct germs. Regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces around your house and office is good to do all the time but can stop the spread of the cold or flu.

5. Get Vaccinated!

Arguably the most important step to not getting the flu is to get vaccinated! Simply put, not getting vaccinated means you run the risk of attracting a potentially life threatening illness. There are some people who shouldn't get the flu shot and they are: people with life threatening allergies to components in flu shots like eggs, gelatin or antibiotics, children younger than 6 months old, and people who might be sick and have been instructed by their doctor to wait before getting the shot. Aside from your doctor, there are plenty of quick and easy places to get your flu shot done such as CVS, Walgreens, etc. A large amount of insurance plans cover the flu shot completely while others have a low amount copay. It's one of the easiest ways to prevent having a terrible sickness, and should definitely be considered.

We understand the cold and flu are a pain, especially during the winter season. Hopefully these tips have given you some tools for combating sickness this season, so you can enjoy your time indoors instead of feeling miserable. We also understand driving in the winter is a pain, too. We've launched a new section on our website that'll give you tips and help you out with what your car needs in terms of maintenance in the winter. You can check our winter car care and vehicle maintenance tips, and even schedule maintenance here.

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