Friday, February 19, 2016

Why You Should Wash Your Car More Often

DURAND, Mich. –– Even though we've had a more mild winter this year, the roads are still saltier than a bavarian pretzel. All the salt on the roads can take a toll on your car besides just making it look dirty. Preventative and regular maintenance is the best medicine you can provide your car for its health, and one of those things is a simple car wash! Here's an explanation on why you should wash your car more often.

Washing your car will help prevent the corrosion road salt can cause during the winter. Rust is formed when moisture and oxygen mix, and guess what element can expedite the process? Salt. In fact, vehicles are most in danger of corrosion or rust when there's fluctuating moisture in the air, which is something the spring season is notorious for. This also puts vehicles parked in a garage more at risk because the warmth of the garage creates moisture from melting snow or ice. This is where salt can really do some damage.

If you do go out to get a wash, pick a warmer day above 30 degrees fahrenheit. Cold temperatures can cause your door handles and windows to freeze after a car wash, so these warmer temps we'll be experiencing this weekend will prevent that from happening. The warm weather will also allow your car to completely dry before hitting the road so salt is less likely to stick - try to pick a carwash that does drying by hand or rag at the end for optimum drying.

Since we've had a temperature-fluctuating winter, it might be worth considering adding a car wash to your weekly or bi-weekly to do list. Although rust and corrosion happen over time, car washes can help prevent it from happening, especially because a car wash can get in those hard to reach spots. The always changing weather can be rough on our vehicles in Michigan and the midwest, which is why it's important to stay on schedule with seasonal vehicle maintenance, especially winter.

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