Sunday, April 23, 2017

5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

DURAND, Mich.­ - With spring in full force, it’s time to get gardening! Whether you’re a beginner gardener or have a seasoned green thumb, these 5 recycled spring gardening hacks using things you’d probably throw away will definitely help your garden bloom this season. We hope these clever tricks will help inspire you to get outside and maybe encourage you to do a little spring-cleaning!

Using Eggshells as Compost

Don’t throw away your eggshells after you've cracked them open to make breakfast, cakes, and more! Instead, crush them up and feed them to your plants in your vegetable garden. They provide a great source of calcium for your veggies!

Top 5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

Use an All-Natural Bug Spray

Have a pest problem? Use this all natural recipe to keep bugs off of your plants and keep them healthy without using potentially harmful pesticides. 

 Top 5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

Fertilize Your Garden with Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw away the coffee grounds you use to make your morning brew each day!  You can fertilize your garden with them as they serve as an incredible source of nitrogen. 

 Top 5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

Turn Milk Jugs into Shovels and Water Cans

Have some empty milk jugs lying around? You can turn them into shovels and watering cans to help manage and keep up your garden. It's a cost-effective way to make garden tools for yourself and keep your mile jugs out of the landfill.

 Top 5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

Repurpose Shower Caddies as Hanging Gardens

Use old shower caddies to make creative hanging gardens to spruce up your garden decor. 

 Top 5 Recycled Spring Gardening Hacks

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