Friday, July 28, 2017

2018 Equinox Standard Surround Vision Technology Helps to Improve Residential Safety

2018 Equinox Standard Surround Vision Technology Helps to Improve Residential Safety

DURAND, Mich., – Backover accidents account for over 15,000 injuries a year, with at least 40% of them occurring in residential areas and a staggering 24% in driveways. Chevrolet knows safety features in your vehicle aren't needed just on the road, but at home, too. The new 2018 Equinox's standard Surround Vision Technology helps to improve residential safety by providing drivers a better view of what's happening around the vehicle through the infotainment display.

Surround Vision technology uses four cameras, stationed on the front, both sides, and back of the 2018 Chevy Equinox, to give viewers a birds-eye view of their vehicle, alongside a Rear View Camera. When the vehicle is put in reverse, the display will show these two views so that drivers don't have to rely on their blind spot and rear view mirror to make sure there's nothing or nobody in the way before backing up.

Using radar technology, Surround Vision will alert drivers of incoming hazards with audio and visual notifications on the display, helping to further reduce the risk of potential backover accidents. Surround Vision Technology can be used with backing out of a driveway, parking spot, or even your own garage to help prevent potentially fatal accidents from occurring.

“The majority of backover incidents are caused by the driver not being able to see their immediate surroundings,” says Rondell Burge, researcher of driver behavior, Chevrolet. “When you hear about backover or frontover incidents involving parents or grandparents and their little ones, your heart sinks. It’s personal and at Chevy we want to help drivers see as much of their environment as possible to help them avoid the unthinkable. That’s where Surround Vision can help.”

The 2018 Equinox comes with a variety of safety features available to consumers, including Rear Seat Reminders, Teen Driver Safety technology, and more. If you are interested in any of the 2018 Equinox's features, take a closer look at the vehicle's features on our in-depth Model Overview page.

Chevy has made surround vision technology available with the new Equinox, Bolt EV, and Traverse to improve residential safety for neighborhoods around the country. You can view the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox and Traverse online in our model showroom to get a closer look at the details and features each vehicle has to offer. If you're interested in giving any of these vehicles a test drive, give us a call or stop by our dealership today! 

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