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Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer

DURAND, Mich., –– Michigan is full of hidden gems. Whether it's enjoying fun campsites, breathtaking lake views, or bustling little towns up north, the Mitten has everything you could want in a state and more. While most people will be vacationing in popular areas, some of the most beautiful towns in Michigan are often left unvisited. The northern part of Michigan is full of these incredible destinations that will raise your expectations for vacations forever! Take a look at our list of must-visit Michigan destinations this summer to check out some of the Midwest's best kept secrets!

Houghton Lake

If you're looking for high quality fun, Houghton Lake is your answer! As one of Michigan's largest inland lakes, it's full of opportunities for tubing, skiing, water sports, and more! Plus, the surrounding area is full of parks and other lakes for you to enjoy.

Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer


Near the very top of the Lower Peninsula, Frankfort is one of Michigan's best hidden treasures. It's a welcome getaway from the hustle and bustle of tourist towns while also containing all the benefits of a northern Michigan tourist town. It's the best of both worlds!

Isle Royale

Located on a remote island cluster near the Canadian border, Isle Royale is the ultimate escape from civilization. It's a car-free paradise full of lush forests, beautiful lakes, and roaming moose and wolves. At 45 miles in length, it's the largest island in Lake Superior!

Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer


Known for their annual "Cheeseburger Festival", this exciting destination provides a scenic drive that provides the perfect view of the Saginaw Bay and its islands! Throughout the year, there are events, festivals, and plenty of fun for groups of any age! It's worth the journey to make it to one of Michigan's best beaches!


From Lake Huron to the Au Sable river, Tawas Bay is one of Michigan's most breathtaking destinations. Enjoy the water on the beautiful bay, shop around at the wide range of stores, and grab a bite at an fun lakeside restaurant! Tawas City, Bay, and East Tawas have everything you're looking for in a vacation spot and more!

Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer

Whitefish Township

Whitefish Township, located next to the Whitefish Bay, is a stone's throw away from Ontario. It's easy to navigate due to the Soo Locks, so you'll be able to get where you want very quickly. Plus, Whitefish Point's museum contains the bell from the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, and provides scuba diving opportunities to explore some of the sunken ships underwater!

Port Austin

Sitting at the tip of the "thumb", Port Austin is renowned for the famous Turnip Rock. While many take advantage of the kayaking opportunities to get pictures of the rock formation, there are plenty of hiking trails, shops, beaches, and water sport activities for you to enjoy, too!

Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer

Old Mission

The Old Mission Peninsula contains spectacular and breathtaking landscapes and view of Lake Michigan. Lots of people make a trip up to Traverse City each summer, but most don't take the time to drive up the the peninsula. We highly recommend a sunset drive up this beautiful stretch of land.


The name speaks for itself: this stunning getaway is a paradise in and of itself. Visit the Tahquamenon Falls, the Shipwreck Museum, and the wide variety of state parks and exciting activities on Lake Superior and the surrounding areas!
Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer

Glen Arbor

Northern Michigan's greatest treasure! Known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, Glen Arbor is home to the famous Sleeping Bear Dunes and offers some of the most incredible beachfront in the state. You can also spend a day floating down the Platte River on inner tubes, explore downtown Glen Arbor, and take a trip on the biking and hiking trails. Make this little paradise your second home this year.

Must-Visit Michigan Destinations This Summer

Don't miss out the best kept secrets the Mitten has to offer. Check out these must-visit Michigan destinations this summer for first-class fun in your own state! If you're heading out on a road trip, consult our Summer Car Care tips to get your vehicle up to speed! Maximize your fun this summer in the Mitten with these hidden gems and secret destinations! You'll make plenty of memories, have amazing photo opportunities, and you'll be one step closer to fully exploring our beautiful state of Michigan!

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