Saturday, July 15, 2017

Easy Ways to Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage

DURAND, Mich., – Tired of costly trips to the pump to repeatedly fill up your gas tank? Thankfully there's a number of quick tips you can start using to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency. We've put together a list of easy ways to improve your car's gas mileage to help you get from point A to point B with better fuel efficiency! Some of these tips are simple maintenance fixes that we can take care of at our Service Department, and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with anything you may need!

Easy Ways to Improve Your Car's Gas Mileage

1. Drive Slower & Avoid Rapid Acceleration

While driving fast can be exhilarating, it can also severely cut down on your gas mileage! If you drive at speeds over 65mph on a regular basis, it can cause your gas mileage to drop down by up to 15% of its efficiency! Keeping a consistent and fairly slow speed can help to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Use your cruise control to maintain a safe speed and maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. Also, avoid rapidly accelerating as it burns gasoline more quickly. Accelerate smoothly and you'll go farther!

2. Check Your Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires properly inflated can improve your driving efficiency by up to 3.3%. While that may not seem like a big number, it makes a huge difference that you'll notice over the long run! Properly inflating your tires to the right size can also help to improve your traction on the road, keeping both you and your passengers much safer. Low tire pressure can increase the resistance of the tires against the road, causing your vehicle to face more friction and robbing it of its efficiency. Check your owner's manual to see the recommended PSI for your tires!

3. Change Your Air Filter

Your air filter protects your engine from clogging from the dust, dirt, and pollen accumulated while driving. Over time, the filter will become excessively clogged from all the debris it is absorbing, making it harder for your engine to suck in air from the filter. Getting your vehicle's air filter replaced once a year will measurably increase your vehicle's mileage, giving it more power on the road to retain fuel and increase your engine's health.

4. Lighten the Load

This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your vehicle lighter will make a big different to its fuel efficiency! Sometimes, you may forget to take a few things out of your vehicle from a vacation, and that excess weight can slow you down on the road. Carrying extra luggage or passengers regularly can cause your engine to put more effort in while driving, causing an uptick in fuel usage.

5. Replace Your Gas Cap Seal

Your gas cap seal protects your tank from filling with excess oxygen, and excess oxygen can cause fuel to be burned at a much quicker rate. Over time, your gas cap's seal can degrade, creating openings that allow oxygen to seep into your tank. Getting your gas cap seal replaced can prevent this from occurring, and the repair is typically very inexpensive! Give us a call at our service center for an estimate on pricing and we'll be able to find the best deal to help you!

The best way to save money and maximize fuel efficiency is to have your vehicle regularly looked at! Our Service Center at Graff Durand is home to the free alignment check and tire price match guarantee. Now that you know how to improve your car's gas mileage, you'll be able to get back on the road with some more spending money! From replacement filters to cleaning your vehicle, we hope these handy tips extend your gas tank and keep your summer fun going as long as possible!

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