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How to Touch Up Your Car This Summer

DURAND, Mich., – Michigan weather is unpredictable. A cold and rainy morning could give way to a muggy and hot summer afternoon in just a few hours' time! The summer is the best time to keep up on any cosmetic repairs and maintenance your vehicle may need. After a harsh winter and rainy spring, your vehicle may have some rust, scratches, and dents on its exterior. Learning how to touch up your car this summer will give you the tips and tricks needed to fix up dents, scratches, and leave your vehicle looking as good as new!

How to Touch Up Your Car This Summer

Giving Your Vehicle a Homemade Car Wash

Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning at home with just three simple ingredients! Mixing a gallon of water, half a cup of dish soap, and half a cup of baking soda, you can turn your driveway into a car wash in a matter of minutes! Use a rag or car washing brush, if you have one, to remove dirt, stains, and dust from your vehicle's exterior to improve vision on the road and reduce the chances of rust build up. After washing your vehicle, applying a coat of wax will provide protection from the accumulation of dirt and make rain bead off while you drive.

How to Touch Up Your Car this Summer

Removing Scratches

Scratches can be tough to remove, but it's still possible! Purchase an inexpensive scratch repair pen and gently apply it to any scratches across your vehicle to reduce the surface damage. Unfortunately, scratch repair pens only work with surface level scratches, and deeper scratches into the vehicle's exterior will require cosmetic repair from trained professionals. Our helpful and skilled service staff can help with anything you need and will get your vehicle back in top condition in no time.

How to Touch Up Your Car this Summer

Repairing Chipped Paint

Repairing chipped paint is a little trickier than removing dents or scratches from your vehicle. It requires more attention to detail and can be costly if left unchecked, as some chipped paint can rust the metal on your vehicle over time. A good rule of thumb is to take it in for repair if the chipped area is brown, rusty, or over the size of a quarter. We can help by providing you with quick, inexpensive service on any chipped paint on your vehicle!

How to Touch Up Your Car this Summer

Repairing Your Cracked Windshield

Getting a crack in your windshield can turn an otherwise leisurely drive into a stressful one after you realize you have to get it replaced or repaired. Thankfully, smaller cracks and scratches can be easily repaired! Take your vehicle in for maintenance to get the windshield replaced, it takes practically no time at all. Make sure any chips and cracks in your vehicle's windshield are properly cared for, as cracks that are left unattended to can spread and threaten the structural integrity of the windshield.

How to Touch Up Your Car This Summer

Refer to our cosmetic vehicle care tips to further increase and preserve the resale value of your vehicle and make it more visually appealing. If you know how to touch up your car this summer, you'll be able to fix up any unsightly dents, scratches, and cracks to make it look as good as new! For the best possible deal on any maintenance, whether it's cosmetic or routine, utilize our coupons to save some money this summer! Keep up on summer car care tips to keep your vehicle up to speed during the warm months, with maintenance advice to ensure your interior, exterior, and components of your vehicle are all at top efficiency. 

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