Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Chevrolet Silverado Ads Poke Fun at the Aluminum Ford F-150

New Chevrolet Silverado Ads Poke Fun at the Aluminum Ford F-150
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DURAND, Mich.– The American economy is ruled by competition, and the auto industry is one facet of the market that is chock full of it, which is why Ford shouldn’t get too upset as the new Chevrolet Silverado ads poke fun at the aluminum Ford F-150– it’s just an extension of their healthy rivalry!

In all seriousness, Ford’s aluminum body idea sounds good in theory, but wouldn’t you feel safer driving a machine made of aluminum’s stronger older brother, Steel? If you think like us, you’d go with the 2015 Chevy Silverado made of steel over the 2015 Ford F-150 made of aluminum, and Chevy did a great job of representing the differences between these two designs through two hilarious ads that appeared online.

The first ad shows real people in materials testing facility where they are asked to examine the durability of two cages, one made of steel and the other of aluminum. After briefly analyzing and comparing the strength of the cages to each other, a 700-pound grizzly bear is released into the facility and the participants are told they’d better pick a cage for protection. Can you guess which cage they chose before being shown a 2015 Chevy Silverado built with steel?

The second ad is more lighthearted, but still gets to the core of the aluminum design issue. Chevy had a handful of comic book fanatics come out to give their opinions on a superhero named Almighty Aluminum Man that they created for a hypothetical movie. It’s a huge joke Chevy uses to allude to Ford’s aluminum truck design, and the comic book lovers don’t hold back their criticism of Almighty Aluminum Man’s weak aluminum design either.

The new Chevrolet Silverado ads poke fun at the aluminum Ford F-150 not because Chevy wants to be the mean neighborhood bully, but because they want you to drive a durable, high strength steel vehicle that will keep you safe on the road. We feel the same way, and that’s why you can get non-aluminum vehicles like New Chevy Trucks and New Chevy Cars at our Clio Area Chevrolet Dealer! Of course, if you’re looking for something made of high strength steel, we feel obligated to mention the 2015 Chevy Silverado is the way to go!

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